Private Housing

Apply for and manage property licences for rented properties

Warning You may need a licence for a property you rent out privately. If you don't hold a valid licence you could face an unlimited fine.
  • Respond to a request

    Respond to a request from the Council. This includes comments on draft licences and other notices including licence variations, refusal or cancellations (revocations).

  • Make a one-off payment

    Pay any one-off charges owed to the Council in relation to your property.

  • Submit a variation request

    If you have made changes to your property, you will need to update your current property licence.

  • Apply for a temporary exemption

    If you are taking steps that will result in the property not requiring a licence, you can apply for a temporary exemption notice (TEN).

  • Cancel a licence

    Request the cancellation of a valid licence that is no longer required.